''I am so pleased that Asylum Justice helped me bring my family over from Sudan. I was made to feel very welcome by Asylum Justice and appreciate everything they did for me, I will never forget it. While I was safely here, my wife was detained with our first child in Sudan. We ended up losing our little girl who died because of illness brought on by the terrible conditions and no medication given to her in detention. My heart and brain were broken. My wife and I were separated for 10 years before I finally got to be reunited with her. I felt so bad that I was here while ...

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”It is difficult to find the words to explain how much it means to me what Asylum Justice did. When I was told by my previous solicitors that they could not represent me, I was sent to Asylum Justice. I was scared and the preparation was very difficult. But with the help of Ruth and Hussein, I understood what this moment could mean for my life. I cannot thank Asylum Justice enough, I can now live my life without the worry that I will be sent back to my home country. I am no longer scared. I hope to be able to repay Asylum Justice one day in the future and to share my ...

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